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Are you trying to impress the Jewish faith and heritage on your children in a fun and age-appropriate way? If so, then we are here to help you! Whatever you need for your Jewish arts and crafts project, we guarantee that you will find it in stock with us at Head Of The Jewish Class!

We know that children learn through creative play, and we want to offer you the tools to teach your children about Jewish culture. The list of items we supply is virtually endless. There is sure to be something for everyone in our catalog, which includes:

● Punch Out Alphabet Letters
● Wooden Candle Cups (For Passover)
● Feathers, Buttons, And Fasteners
● Crayons, Glitter, And Construction Paper
● Popsicle Sticks And Sand Packs
● And More!

Your Jewish arts and crafts needs are in good hands with our staff at Head Of The Jewish Class. From beads and book rings to foam and fake hair to wood shapes and wiggle eyes, we have the items you need - both great and small and everything in between. You also have the convenience of looking for your desired item in our online catalog and ordering through our secure online system. We know you have many things to worry about, so we try to keep the search for arts and crafts project items as easy as possible!

What if your desired Jewish crafts item is not in our online catalog? Just contact us and ask for it; we will usually have it for you or be able to find it within our network of suppliers.

Trust that you only need to go to one place for your Jewish arts and crafts needs – Head Of The Jewish Class!

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